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St. Anthony's Parish Parish
2347 Inglewood Avenue
West Vancouver, BC V7V 1Z9

After the first successful Youth Alpha Movie Series, St. Anthony's Parish will run the NEW YOUTH Alpha! STAY TUNE.  The new series will be released in October and we will begin early November.  Please call the office or email  for the date of the next course and you will be contacted when a date is decided.

Alpha is a fun, dynamic and fast pace series.  The meeting begins with a delicious meal, followed by the showing of the video and discussion. Alpha is a basic introduction to the Christian faith.  It tackles life big questions, not assuming anything about the participants.  There will also be an all-day outing at about half way the series.

You can find out more here:

Alpha welcomes everybody, whether believers or none believers, Catholics or none Catholics. JOIN US and BRING A FRIEND!